What MCs and Your Website Home Page Have in Common

I looked out over a sea of business-suited executives crammed into an over-heated conference hall. I was the last speaker before lunch, and thoughts of sandwiches and coffee were front-of-mind for most of them. “Our next speaker needs no introduction – Ingrid...

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What MCs and Home Pages Have in Common

The Day When 80% Of My Clients Were Hacked

Building and hosting websites is an industry based on trust. You need to trust that the domain name registrar is decent and has fast systems. You have to trust that your web copywriter and web designer know what they are doing. You have to trust that your web host...

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The day my clients were hacked

10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Websites that are slower than a toddler being told it is bedtime cost businesses clients and money. A recent page speed report by Unbounce showed that nearly 70% of consumers say website load time affects their willingness to buy. So, what’s an acceptable web page load time? Read More
10 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

Putting Imagify To The Test – Does It Work?

The number one cause of slow loading websites is fat, uncompressed images. In a previous article, I talked about ways you can compress images to still make them look the same, but not be as heavy. This is great when you are the only person looking after your...

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How To Adult: The Ingrid Edition

Have you joined the KonMari movement yet? I am now one of “those” people who Origami’s their undies and who goes around patting their belongings looking for a spark of joy (or at least not rampant disgust). Read More

Why Writing About Yourself is Like Applying Makeup Without a Mirror

I remember my first experience with lipstick. I was 3 and my best friend, Alison, and I had been left alone for a few minutes in my bathroom. We spotted my mother’s beautiful Helena Rubenstein’s Waterproof True Red in its gloriously shiny ribbed gold tube on our pink bathroom hand basin. Alison and I looked at each other for a second, giggled together in conspiratorial glee, and then decided to try putting it on. Read More
Why writing about yourself is hard

On Achieving 20-Year Goals

It was late 1998: The type of summer’s day when the song of cicadas are the loudest noises on the planet, and the heat makes every in-breath akin to gulping over-heated coffee. My tiny baby was asleep in the house, and I was using the few hours of her sleep to hit the ride-on mower and tame the overgrown grass on my ¾ acre property in the outskirts of Caboolture. Read More
20-year goals

WordPress Gutenberg is Here: First Walkthrough

WordPress Gutenberg has dropped this morning - 7th December Australian time. We flagged it was coming in our post Gutenberg is Coming: What You Need to Do to Prepare. Now that it has dropped, we have filmed a quick walkthrough of what you will see when...

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Gutenberg is Here: What You Need to Do
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