How To Adult: The Ingrid Edition

Have you joined the KonMari movement yet? I am now one of “those” people who Origami’s their undies and who goes around patting their belongings looking for a spark of joy (or at least not rampant disgust). Read More

Why Writing About Yourself is Like Applying Makeup Without a Mirror

I remember my first experience with lipstick. I was 3 and my best friend, Alison, and I had been left alone for a few minutes in my bathroom. We spotted my mother’s beautiful Helena Rubenstein’s Waterproof True Red in its gloriously shiny ribbed gold tube on our pink bathroom hand basin. Alison and I looked at each other for a second, giggled together in conspiratorial glee, and then decided to try putting it on. Read More
Why writing about yourself is hard

On Achieving 20-Year Goals

It was late 1998: The type of summer’s day when the song of cicadas are the loudest noises on the planet, and the heat makes every in-breath akin to gulping over-heated coffee. My tiny baby was asleep in the house, and I was using the few hours of her sleep to hit the ride-on mower and tame the overgrown grass on my ¾ acre property in the outskirts of Caboolture. Read More
20-year goals

WordPress Gutenberg is Here: First Walkthrough

WordPress Gutenberg has dropped this morning - 7th December Australian time. We flagged it was coming in our post Gutenberg is Coming: What You Need to Do to Prepare. Now that it has dropped, we have filmed a quick walkthrough of what you will see when...

Read More
Gutenberg is Here: What You Need to Do

Lessons Learned from 15 Years in Business

Fifteen years ago, on the 1st of December 2003, I opened the doors to my fledgling small business. Running a small business wasn’t something I grew up dreaming I would be doing. It isn’t something I discussed with my career counsellor (in my case an ancient nun with wobbly dentures who insisted on furtively passing me tattered brochures on becoming a teacher). Read More
Lessons learned from 15 years in small business

Common Website Problems: “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

If you have had your website for a few years, you tend not to pop in and visit it all that often. It’s a bit like a distant relative. You know that they’re there, and hope that everything is fine, but unless they make the front page of the local paper for breaking out of a nursing home to run away and become a groupie with Justin Bieber, you don’t think much else about it. However, ignoring your website does have a downside when technology changes and something breaks on your site. Read More
Common Website Problems: “This Page Can’t Load Google Maps Correctly”

YouTube Changes You Need to Know

Many small business owners like adding YouTube videos to their websites or blogs. Videos are great for engagement and are a fantastic way to share information and connect with your audience. The problem comes when the lovely YouTube video that you embedded into your site ends, and your potential clients are shown a stack of “related videos” as the final screen. Read More
YouTube Changes You Need to Know

Gutenberg Is Coming: What You Need To Do To Prepare

Changes to website code rarely make headlines and aren’t something that I normally talk about on my blog as they are more effective than Stilnox in inducing slumber. Website code is generally created by raging introverts fuelled by energy drinks using liquid cooled computers in darkened rooms. It is not inherently sexy or newsworthy, except when an icy blizzard of code is bearing down on small business websites, and my businesses need to know what is about to hit them. Read More
Gutenberg Is Coming: What You Need To Do To Prepare

Why You Should Share What You Know (Don’t Hide The Secret Sauce)

The first 20 years of my career, I spent wearing corporate suits with super large shoulder pads, in a variety of corner offices with the title Human Resource/Employee Relations Director stencilled on the door. A number of times each year, a manager with their hair pulled into haystack-like tufts from frustration, would collapse into my office chair and demand that I do something about the knowledge black-hole employee in their team. Read More
Why You Should Share What You Know (Don’t Hide The Secret Sauce)

The Beginner’s Guide to Business Headshots

Unless your name is Kardashian or you are a millennial, you probably die a little inside whenever someone takes your photo, or try and escape the horror by suddenly needing to top up the potato salad at parties. You look back at your photos that some random or your beloved relative took, and all you can see are rampaging double chins, forced smiles and Trumpesque hairdos. No wonder when you are getting a new website done, and your web designer or copywriter says, “And of course you need to go and get some new headshots taken,” that you smile, nod and vow to blatantly ignore the suggestion. Read More
The Beginner’s Guide to Business Headshots
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