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14 Unusual & Unexpected Uses For Your WordPress Website

WordPress powers 31.9% of all websites across the internet, owning nearly 60% of all the content management system websites. Over 600 new WordPress websites are launched each day across the world compared to just 170 per day for Squarespace. And yet, most business owners think that their WordPress website just is an elegant digital brochure sitting in a virtual rack that promotes their business for them when no one in the business is looking. Read More
14 Unusual & Unexpected Uses For Your WordPress Website

What Losing 40kg Taught Me About Change

I shakily raised my arm to push the hostess call button above my airline seat. My face flamed with embarrassment as I squeaked out, “Could I please have a seatbelt extender.” I had spent 10 minutes struggling to get my lap band seatbelt connected, wriggling every...

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What Losing 40kg Taught Me About Change
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How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username

Would you leave your front door key under the mat or the pot plant by the door and expect not to be burgled? Burglars know that many people still make these mistakes, so the first thing they do when checking out a house is to see if they can find the key hidden near the door. Your WordPress website is the same. The most common username set by web designers who should know better is the default “admin.” Read More
How to Change Your WordPress Admin Username
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The Simplest Way You Can Personally Make a Difference to a Small Business: Run a Festival of High Fives

Is it just me, or does the world seem to be getting more filled with negativity and hate? Every time I turn on the news, or open my social media, I am bombarded with people ranting about this or that, or my feed is filled with stories of corruption and rampantly evil policies. I have been feeling myself spiralling down into despair and finding it harder to find the positives in what I do at times. Read More
How to help a small business.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Google My Business

This Beginner’s Guide takes a deep dive into one of the most crucial online platforms that all small businesses need to explore, Google My Business.A quick heads up: This is a very long blog post as there is a lot of information to cover, so you may want to bookmark this post and refer back to it as you go about setting up your listing. Read More
Google my business.
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The Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Blog

“And of course I want a blog on my new website, although I am not really sure what I will put in it”.When you are building a website, whether or not to add a blog is often up for debate. People are interested in the idea, they know Google generally likes fresh blog posts, but the logistics can be a bit on the vague side. Before you sign-off on adding a blog, here are the pros and cons of blogging for your business. Read More
Starting a blog.
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How to Get (and Give) Amazing Testimonials


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