Brisbane WordPress Maintenance Services

Need Help Maintaining your WordPress Website?

Out-of-date WordPress, plugins and themes are the number one source of hacks into a website.

A WordPress website is made up of three main parts:

WordPress: The engine that drives your car.

Themes: Themes give your site a distinct look and feel in the same way your car make, and the model gives your car a different look and feel.

Plugins: These give your car extra functionality or super fancy looks (think of things like ABS or a sun-roof for your car).


Patches on Patches

Are you tired of constantly dealing with website patches and updates? We understand the frustration. Every day, there seems to be a new patch or update that needs to be applied.

Some patches enhance functionality and boost site speed, while others fix code conflicts or enhance security to fend off hackers. But here’s the thing – these updates don’t magically apply themselves. You have to manually click that update button and hope everything goes smoothly.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Updates can crash your site or cause things to malfunction. But without running the updates, you are leaving yourself vulnerable to hackers.

It’s crucial to stay up to date, but we know it can be overwhelming juggling all the moving parts.

That’s where we come in.


We take care of all the maintenance and updates for you, ensuring that your website runs smoothly and giving you the peace of mind to focus on what truly matters to you.

Our website maintenance plans help if:

  • You’re busy and don’t have the time, confidence, or interest to maintain your website.
  • You want someone you can rely on, someone you can call whenever you’re unsure how to do something.
  • Your current web designer has ghosted you, closed their business or doesn’t offer maintenance support.
  • You are not game to touch your site because you haven’t updated it in years.
  • You want regular reports that you can understand about what is working well, where your clients are coming from and what is happening on your site.
  • You are not sure how to update words or something on your website.

Our Website Maintenance Process

Step 1


We meticulously examine your site, hosting, and domain name against our comprehensive 62-point checklist. This ensures that your website is not only secure and functional, but also up to date. You’ll receive a detailed written report on any areas that require repairs or improvements.

Step 2


We take care of all the repairs and fixes mentioned in the report, along with any specific repairs you would like us to tackle. Our expertise ranges from quick fixes to more demanding tasks, such as updating long-neglected paid plugin licenses and replacing abandoned themes or plugins.


Step 3


We ensure your site is updated, maintained, backed up in secure locations, is secure from hackers, is up and visible and that all parts of your website work as they should. In addition, we provide you with a detailed monthly report on the work done as well as insights into your website’s visitor data


Site Audit

Is your site sturdy enough to be maintained and fixed, or is it time to start fresh?

Websites are like cars. After too many kms on the clock, the repairs outweigh the cost of a new website.

Our site audits are designed for working websites (this means the site is not broken or hacked).

A site audit gives you an honest assessment of the good, bad and the ugly of your current site so you can make informed decisions.

We audit your website against our comprehensive checklist of 62 separate critical items.

We look at what is working and not working on your site and complete quick fixes as we go.

$545 Incl. GST

Here’s what’s included:



We check for vulnerabilities and gaps in your website security.


We look at your page load time and performance, and what can be slowing your site down.



We check your site is properly maintained and that none of your themes or plugins have been abandoned by their developers, creating a security opening in your site.


We check all paid themes and plugins have current and active licenses that are in your name (and not your old web designer’s name).


We check your site is being backed up in multiple places to reduce risk.


We check your hosting to make sure your plan isn’t too small to meet the needs of your site.


We check your domain name registration is correct and in your name, and that all contact details are correct.


We check all the correct records are in your hosting to ensure maximum deliverability of your emails.


We check your SSL (the padlock in the search bar) is correctly installed.


We check your site hosting is running the latest stable version of PHP and has been configured correctly for speed and security.


We give a high-level review of site structure, layout, design, images and words on your website. We won’t correct your grammar or tweak wording, but we will tell you if your content in general is helping or hindering conversions.


Website Repairs

Need a hand with a WordPress website repair? We can help!

After our site audit, you will have a list of quick fixes that we have already repaired, as well as potentially any larger issues needing attention.

You can bring website repair issues to us without a site audit.

We will discuss big issues with you before we start work so you accurately know the costs and whether it may be time to consider a new small business website instead.

Of course, you can bring up any additional specific issues you want tackled and we will add them to the repairs list.

Whether you need assistance with simple fixes like changing images or text or tackling more complex problems like website downtime, contact form issues, SSL errors, backups setup, site speed optimization, or plugin troubleshooting, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to make your site more secure, efficient, and reliable, giving you peace of mind in case of disaster.


Some common website repairs we can help with:


Change images or text


Website down (White screen of death)


Fix not receiving contact form messages


Fix dates in footers


Website migrations


SSL not working or errors


Set up backups


Speed up your site


Add Facebook or other pixels


Add new pages


Swap over plugins


Debug plugin conflicts


Website Maintenance

This is where the magic happens.

Each month, we handle all the necessary updates for your website including security monitoring, uptime tracking, backups, contact form spam prevention, and regular testing.

Every month, you get a detailed report of what was done as well as key statistics about the visitors to your site.

$120 Incl. GST per month for regular sites

$150 Incl. GST per month for eCommerce sites

Here’s what’s included:



At least once a week we update WordPress, your themes and your plugins. If there is a security patch released, we undertake to update it within 24 hours to help keep your site safe.



We actively monitor your website for malware and hacking attempts. We also ensure your hosting runs the latest stable version of PHP at all times and upgrade settings as needed. If the worst happens and your site is hacked or gets malware, we will reinstall your site from our clean backup and arrange a site cleanup if needed.


We track your site to make sure it is visible on the net. If your site goes down, we receive an alert and will work with your host to get it back up and running fast!


In addition to your hosting backups, we take additional full site backups and store them safely off site in case of emergencies. This gives you added peace of mind in case of hosting failures or problems with your site.


Hate contact form spam entries? So do we! That’s why we install a specific contact form anti-spam plugin and monitor it for you to ensure minimal false positives. Your email in-box will thank you!



Every quarter we test all your contact forms are still working (strange things happen!) and every year we do a thorough check of all links on your website to sniff out and fix any broken links. Each year we also review all plugins to ensure that in-use plugins are still actively supported and not abandoned.


If you have ever looked at Google Analytics it is easy to be overwhelmed by the statistics. We have developed a customized, easy to understand, monthly report that gives you clear information about visitors to your site, your popular pages and trends over time.


In addition to your visitor report, we provide you with a detailed monthly activity report telling you everything we have done on your site during the month, as well as key statistics on security activities on your site.



Have a quick question about your website or a minor tweak of something throughout the month? Call us or drop us a line and we will sort it for you. (Minor tweak means a job that takes less than 15 minutes to complete).

Need More Help?

Our Maintenance+ Plan May Be For You

Our Maintenance+ plan includes everything in our regular plan, along with up to an hour of additional one-on-one support.

  • We can upload your blog posts for you (and find images for your blog post if you need them).
  • Swap images over on your site.
  • Train you in how to do a particular task.
  • Add new pages.
  • Compress and replace your images to reduce page load time.
  • Help you think through your online strategy.
  • Be a sounding board for new ideas/services you want to explore.

$285 Incl. GST per month


I have a number of sites. Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! Contact us for our special bulk rates.

Do you maintain multisites?

Multisites (not to be confused with multiple sites) are a unique beast unto themselves. We don’t maintain multisites.

Do the hours roll over in the Maintenance+ Plan?

No. Your support hours only apply to the month they fall due. They don’t roll over or accrue.

Can you write blog posts for me as part of Maintenance+?

One hour is surprisingly little time when it comes to writing blog posts. We will need to discuss this with you on a case-by-case basis

What are your support hours?

Monday-Friday 8.30am – 5pm. If your site is down, we will fix it out of our regular support hours for you.

Will you lock me into a long maintenance plan?

No. All plans are month by month. You can cancel at any time. There are no cancellation fees. Just let us know and we will help you smoothly transition to looking after your site yourself.

What if I need extra support to fix something on my site?

We are more than happy to fix things for our maintenance clients. Just tell us what you need done and we will let you know the approximate cost before we tackle it for you.

Do you offer hosting?

No. Quality hosting requires extensive infrastructure, support and security teams working 24/7. We can recommend some great quality hosting companies and help you move your site over to them.

Want to know more? Contact us. We are happy to discuss our maintenance plans.