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The words you use to market your business make or break your business. Make sure you are using the right ones with professional copywriting.

Web Copywriting

All roads lead back to your website!

When you want to buy something new, what do you do? If you are like most people, you hop onto the net to do some research before you pick up the phone, visit the store or buy online.

And what makes you call or buy? The copy you read from the website is easy to understand, answers your questions and shows the business to be credible.

That’s where having an experienced website copywriter can help. We highlight what makes you brilliant in a way that makes people want to call.

We write copy that your clients, Google and Bing (the forgotten online cousin) love which means that not only will your clients love the words, you will actually be found in the search engines.

We stay up to date with all that’s happening in the online world including Google Semantic Search, Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and other rampaging forest animal updates. This means we won’t stuff your site with keywords or engage in any black hat SEO so your site will not be banned or generally slapped silly.

We also include on-page SEO copywriting as standard including: Title tags, page descriptions, header tags, on-page links … as well as calls to action and compelling words on the page.

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Brochures, Flyers & Corporate Profile Copywriting

Because not everything lives online.

For many businesses, brochures, flyers and profiles are a solid and vital lead generation tool.

When you invest in printing, the last thing you want is your brochures curling in the racks, and the phone sullenly staring at you and not ringing with new customers. You need brochures that convey your message, boost your credibility and get people to take action.

However, writing your own company profile or professional profile can be one of the hardest things that someone can do. Sometimes you can be too close to your services or your own background, and not know how to present this information in a way that clients can understand.

Our copywriters work with you to create a professional and balanced corporate profile or brochure, which highlights your many strengths (without telling porkies). We help you work out what is important, and how to profile your strengths and downplay your challenges.

We help you attract and get the business you are looking for through positioning you in an engaging, professional and friendly way.

Sales Letters & Proposal Templates

Convert more sales.

High quality sales letters and proposals get your foot in the door with clients and businesses. They turn cold leads into warm prospects, and turn enquiries into sales.

Think of how many emails and letters you send to clients on a daily basis. Welcome emails, next step email, testimonial seeking emails, emails with invoices, emails to chase up late payers, thank you cards …

Then there are the critical documents for your business. Your proposals and quotes. Do they convince and convert?

Each letter or proposal you send reinforces your brand. Is it professional? Does it say what you want it to say? Is it actually working or is it turning customers away?

Get stronger conversions from your next letter or proposal with professionally copywritten letters and templates that you can use over and over again.

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Effective Copywriting:

Is easy and enticing to read

Answers your client’s questions

Demonstrates why you are a great match for your client

Inspires your client to take action

Copywriting Packages

So how much do we charge? We would love to be able to give you a solid answer on this. The problem is that each project is different. One website page could mean 200 words to one client or a 16000-word long-copy direct response sales letter to another. That’s why we prefer to quote by the project rather than the hour.

We also can only give our best estimate of the project as each client and task are different. Most clients are more than happy to delegate the project and leave us to get on with things. However, if your project is messier than a hoarder’s house or needs regular extended face-to-face meetings to talk bits through, then the final rate may be a bit higher.

Client Nurturing Letters

Build awesome client relationships
From $1557 + GST*
  • Marketing Strategy Session (90mins)
  • 10 short client nurturing letters/ emails/ autoresponders to build & reinforce your client service
  • Create your own bundle to match your needs
  • Initial contact acknowledgement
  • Order updates
  • Help desk notifications
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Invoice attachments
  • Project Proposals (Not Included)
  • Tenders (Not included)

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