About Heart Harmony Communications

We Consider BOTH the Brain and the Heart

Successful websites are the perfect balance of code and emotion.

They are not only user friendly, they also make you feel warm and engaged with the business.

You can’t help but check them out, and you are drawn to learn more about the business.


Since 2003, we have been helping small business owners build and grow their business online.

We love finding your fabulousness and then turning that into words and pixels that delight and entice your clients.

In the early days of our business, we only offered web copywriting. However, we added small business web design after watching too many of our clients get ripped off by Brisbane web design companies who could talk a good talk but who created crap code that constantly broke (and who charged tens of thousands for the privilege while outsourcing their design work to India).

 We also offer online WordPress training courses for people who want (or have to) DIY.

Web design doesn’t have to be complex, mysterious or constantly broken! It can be delightful, effective and lasting when done right.

We combine the best of neuro-psychology and online user experience to create websites that work!

And does our approach work? The majority of our business comes from repeat clients as well as referrals, which means we are doing something right!

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Qld Writers Centre Member
Hills and DIstricts Chamber of Commerce Member

We help small businesses get online without the overwhelm.

We Are …


We know that small business does not have thousands of hours and hot and cold running minions to implement things. That’s why all our strategies are designed to be super practical and easy to put into place.  

Down To Earth

We believe in keeping things clear and jargon free. We will not make your eyes glaze over with never-ending presentations debating the personas of your customers. Instead, we focus on online marketing that gets results.


If a strategy you have heard about has a low response rate, or will burn your business, we will tell you so you can make an informed decision. We won’t rip you off or implement things we don’t genuinely believe work.

Who We Work With

We work with small businesses across Brisbane, and we  specialise in trades and service businesses.

Meet Our Team

Ingrid Moyle

Ingrid Moyle

Principal Web Designer & Content Strategist

What does Ingrid do?

Ingrid Moyle (previously known as Ingrid Cliff) works at the intersection of communications, psychology and technology. She has the gift of being able to quickly cut through mountains of guff to find the core strengths of a person, business or trend — and then communicate that in a way that other people get.

Ingrid has become one of the most sought after web designers, content marketers and copywriters in Brisbane for small businesses who value fuss-free, results-driven words, and her no-nonsense mentoring and advice is included as part of each project.

She personally works on each client project. Nothing goes out without her strategy, direction and review. With all copywriting, web design and content marketing projects, you work directly with Ingrid.

What’s her background?

After completing a degree in Psychology and Industrial Relations (… and the History and Philosophy of Science), her early career was in senior Human Resource Management roles in workplaces of up to 7000 people where she drove transformational change and executive development.

Ingrid’s passion for clear communication and her love of small business led to a career change.

An avid early adopter of technology, web copywriting, SEO and online marketing became her key focus in Heart Harmony Communications.

What does she do when she is not at Heart Harmony Communications?

When not weaving web magic, Ingrid is a geek and rabid Whovian who “accidentally” named one of her children after one of the Doctor’s companions (… the classic series of course).

She is one of those people who reads 1-2 non-fiction books on her Kindle each week, has hundreds of blog feeds in her Feedly and can be caught reading the back of Cornflakes packets if there is nothing else to read in the house.


Dan Ariely, Daniel Burrus, Tad Hargrave, Oliver Burkeman, Jenny Lawson, Ed Catmull, Malcolm Gladwell, David Amerland, Miranda Hart, Marcus Aurelius, Martin Lindstrom, Jeff Goins, Neil Patel, and the incomparable Terry Pratchett.

Rachel Cliff

Rachel Cliff

Marketing Assistant

What does Rachel do?

Rachel Cliff creates Blog Content magic for our clients and takes care of our client’s website maintenance.

What’s her background?

Two heads are always better than one, so in 2015 Rachel joined her mother in the business. Rachel is a digital native who has completed a Bachelor in Mass Communications at QUT.

What does she do when she is not at Heart Harmony Communications?

When not working online, Rachel is a passionate cosplayer who can turn yoga mats into suits of armour and has an unfortunate affection for characters that require green body paint.


JK Rowling, Terry Pratchett, Jenny Lawson

Why the name Heart Harmony Communications?

“You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head.” Finding Forrester

We work from our heads and our hearts – the two working in harmony. Besides, it sounds better than Heartbrain Communications!