Emails You Should Ignore & Delete

Unsolicited emails are the scourge of every business owner’s existence. But what about unsolicited emails that sound vaguely legitimate as they talk about your SEO or your marketing? Should you ignore them? Respond to them with a “no thanks” or take them up on their offer?

Here’s a quick run through of some of the many emails that you can happily delete.

Woman looking shocked at her laptop.

Accidental Midlife Entrepreneurs

Have you ever had one of those blinding flashes of insight? The sort of thing where nothing around you looks the same ever again? At the beginning of each year, I think back over my clients, alliance partners, speaking audiences and colleagues from the previous...

Accidental Midlife Entrepreneurs

How (and Why) To Market When You are Busy

"I am super busy. Every day I mean to get onto getting my website sorted and marketing my business, but I spend each day fighting fires, and it never gets done. How do I find the time to market and still do the work?" I was having a mentoring session with a...

How (and Why) To Market When You are Busy

Do You Need a Copyright Notice on Your Website?

At the beginning of each year, one of the regular website tasks is to update your copyright notice in your footer. But what is a copyright notice, and why do you need one on your small business website? Websites & Copyright Law in Australia I need to kick this...

Bearded man looking puzzled holding a book of copyright law

Fixit Friday: 7 Five-Minute Website Fixes

2020 has been a cow of a year for the world, and most small business owners are finding they are tired, frazzled and aching for a few days of downtime over the Christmas break. But, unless you are the Cookie Monster or suffering severe lockdown compensation...

Business man sitting cross legged on the floor with a laptop on his lap. Pointing to it and looking proud.

Reflections on 2020

One summer Christmas holiday, when I was as thin as spaghetti and a head taller than every other girl in my primary school, I was given a Tether Tennis set. What is Tether Tennis (also known as Totem Tennis or Swingball)? Imagine a green metal stake about the...

Middle aged man with hands up in horror on his face.

Does Your Website Have a Padlock?

Take a look at the URL of your small business website in your browser. Does it show a little padlock icon (that has more than a passing resemblance to a handbag) next to the URL of the website? That little padlock shows that you have an SSL or Secure Socket Layer...

Does your website have a padlock

Time to Delete Social Share Buttons on Your Website?

Technology changes direction faster than a kid trying to choose a flavour in an ice-cream parlour. The challenge is that we can all get stuck with thinking, “this is what has always happened for our business, and this is what needs to stay.” In organizational...

Elephant dressed in a business suit.

Is Your Website Screaming for a Makeover?

Have you ever noticed that wearing activewear sneaks up on you (particularly during COVID)? It starts just one day when you forget to get changed after your walk. And then before you know it you live in stained, baggy trackie-dacks with t-shirts holier than the...

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How to Use Google My Business to Boost Your Blog

If you blog for your business, you know that each blog post takes way more time than you care to admit to plan, research, write, edit, format, upload and publish. This doesn't take into account all the popping back in to fix the typos you swore that weren't there...

How to Use Google My Business to Boost Your Blog