Our Marketing & Business Mentoring Services

Do you get tyre kickers, “problem” clients or is the phone simply not ringing? Is your website embarrassing you? Do you want to generate fresh ideas or new strategies for your business?

When you are in business sometimes you get stuck in your own head. You go around and around with an issue, turning it this way and that, but you just end up at the same place you started.

You deep-dive into Google but end up watching funny cat videos at 2 am – and you still are no closer to solving your issue.

You end up frustrated and annoyed at yourself (because you think you SHOULD be able to work it out).

Be gentle on yourself! As Albert Einstein wisely said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Sometimes it helps to talk through an issue with someone who is impartial: Someone who can help find the clarity that is avoiding you, and guide you to your next step.

Laser Mentoring Session

Want to smash through some issues in your business or find new possibilities? You know those moments when you just want to pick someone’s brains who has been there done that? This is the package just for you!

Our laser mentoring is just that – laser. Together you take an intense look at areas where you are stuck, and blast through the blocks. In a laser mentoring session you get an hour of dedicated one-on-one time to find your next logical step.

No-fuss. No long programs. Just rapid solutions.

Most people leave these sessions with their heads buzzing with ideas and possibilities, as well a renewed sense of potential and hope for their business.

Sessions are generally held via Microsoft Teams or over the phone. (Face-to-face available in Brisbane on request – travel time costs may apply)

Book your laser mentoring session today from just $220 Incl GST

Crumpled post-it notes and a lightbulb on top
Butchers paper with lightbulbs and squiggly ideas

Half-Day Intensive Mentoring

Need something more? Let’s tackle a topic in-depth to break through your business barriers. Depending on your needs and goals, we can explore your:

  • Current online and offline marketing – Your strengths and areas for development.
  • Competitors – What their weaknesses are and how to position your business to make the most of these weaknesses.
  • Unique selling propositions – What makes you unique to your clients.
  • Web design and copywriting – Strategies to get greater conversions and boost sales.

Hot seats are half a day of intense attention on your business, and you leave with tangible and practical solutions that you can instantly implement.

Book your half day intensive today for just $750 + GST 

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