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 Do you get tyre kickers, “problem” clients or is the phone simply not ringing? Is your web content letting you down? Do you want to smash through blocks or generate fresh ideas or new strategies for your business? Is your marketing delivering the clients you want?

When you are in business or public life, sometimes you get stuck in your own head. You go around and around with an issue, turning it this way and that, but you just end up at the same place you started.

You deep-dive into Google but end up watching videos of squirrels making nests out of tissue boxes at 2 am – and you still are no closer to solving your issue.

You end up frustrated, annoyed at yourself (because you think you SHOULD be able to work it out) and eye that second helping of chocolate cake with more than a passing glance.

Be a bit more gentle on yourself! As Albert Einstein wisely said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

Sometimes it helps to talk through an issue with someone who is impartial: Someone who can help find the clarity that is avoiding you, and guide you to your next step.

Why Choose Ingrid as a Mentor?

While most people know Ingrid as a web designer or exceptional copywriter, they may not realise that she is also a brilliant business mentor, trainer and coach. 

Ingrid loves coaching and mentoring clients to business success, and draws on her psychology degree and 20 years’ experience working in Executive planning, leadership training and development.

She has extensive experience across a range of industries and businesses, and provides sage wisdom and business insights that are practical and instantly applicable.

Most business owners leave with their head’s buzzing with ideas, and they see greater potential in their business than they did before.

Laser Mentoring Session

Want to smash through some issues in your business or find new possibilities? You know those moments when you just want to pick someone’s brains who has been there done that? This is the package just for you!

Ingrid’s laser mentoring is just that – laser. Together you take an intense look at areas where you are stuck, and blast through the blocks. In a laser mentoring session you get an hour of dedicated one-on-one time with Ingrid, where she focuses intensely on your issues, your business and your specific questions.

Ingrid works with where you are at right now – your strengths and your personal challenges – and helps you find your next logical step.

No-fuss. No long programs. Just rapid solutions.

Most people leave these sessions with their heads buzzing with ideas and possibilities, as well a renewed sense of potential and hope for their business.

Sessions are generally held via Zoom. (Face-to-face available in Brisbane on request – travel time costs may apply)

Book your laser mentoring session today from just $220 Incl GST

Ingrid Moyle holding a magic wand and a glowing book that has magical sparkles coming from it
Ingrid Moyle looking fierce and smashing a large enter button and the wall shattering behind her

Half-Day Intensive Mentoring

In this personal one-on-one hot seat, we will go in-depth with you and your business to break through your business barriers. Depending on your needs and goals, we can explore your:

  • Current online and offline marketing – Your strengths and areas for development.
  • Competitors – What their weaknesses are and how to position your business to make the most of these weaknesses.
  • Unique selling propositions – What makes you unique to your clients.
  • Web content and copywriting – Strategies to get greater conversions and boost sales.
  • Social media strategy – Working out which channels are best for your market.
  • Digital marketing strategy – Integrating your websites with lead capturing, digital downloads, autoresponders and more.

Hot seats are half a day of intense attention on your business, and you leave with tangible and practical solutions that you can instantly implement.

Book your half day intensive today for just $750 + GST 

Happy Mentoring Clients

I was having difficulty putting into words what makes my business stand out from the crowd. I knew I had something special to offer my clients but didn’t know how to communicate this to them. I had heard Ingrid speak at a Women’s Networking event and knew I wanted to work with her.

By talking about what I did with my “spare” time, Ingrid was able to help me see a connection between what I love doing in my non work time and how that helps me, help my clients. For me, it was a love of learning about what makes people tick. A huge help in my job as a financial planner!

I had previously spent days and days working with a business coach about my unique client value proposition…..but to be honest it didn’t sit right with me and there was no way I could remember what it was yet alone communicate it. After one, one-hour session with Ingrid, I know what’s special about my business and what makes my business unique and I can communicate it, because I believe it!

I recommend Ingrid’s mentoring to people who want to be able to communicate to others what sets their business apart from their competitors.

Lisa Steele

The Prosperity Group

“We had an initial consultation with Ingrid today, and already she has clarified so many things. She is very approachable, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. We will definitely be working with her in the future.

Will Davey


Ingrid provided initial business mentoring advice when I was a sole trader and wanting to navigate a course that would grow my business. She had amazing insight and I followed her directives. At each stage of my business growth I have engaged Ingrid to provide insight and direction and on each occasion I have followed her structured advice. I now have three employees and am about to move into an office and employ further staff. Ingrid has provided positive direction and instilled confidence. She thinks completely ‘outside the box’. One of the key assets of engaging Ingrid is that she hones in on your strengths and focuses on those skills that are best to take ‘your’ business vision forward.

I highly recommend Ingrid as a business mentor. In addition she has assisted with profiling, strategy for employing staff and other areas where I have required certain expertise and advice or recommendations of other professionals. She cuts right to the chase because she knows and understands my personal and business goals so well. Ingrid's diverse background gives her a wealth of knowledge and expertise that can be tapped into. She is worth every dollar spent. Thanks Ingrid. You are one in a million.

One of the other key things about Ingrid is that she is not constantly trying to tie me in to services that I don’t need for an ongoing $. Whilst she certainly has a number of terrific and beneficial programs available to any entrepreneur. It’s completely up to you as to how you engage without a hard sell. Such a refreshing person to deal with.

Wendy Belham

Allied Immigration Services

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