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Engage your fans through social media and turn them into fiercely loyal customers.

Heart Harmony Communications – Small Business Digital Marketers

When you are in small business, there are not enough hours in the day to look after your clients as well as work out how to grow your business.  That’s where we come in.

Heart Harmony Communications have been helping start-ups and small businesses across Brisbane make sense of their online marketing for over a decade. We help you build, grow and engage with your clients through smart strategy and powerful words. We help you with web copywriting, web design, content marketing and social media – all without the heavy jargon and expensive price tags.

While we specialise in marketing for trades and service businesses, we have worked with everyone from not for profits through to IT and manufacturing firms.

It starts with the right words

It all starts with  the right words for your website. The right words then are used in your modern website that can be seen on smartphones, tablets and desktops. Without a website that explains what you do in a way that customers (and Google) gets, then the rest of your marketing will be as effective as trying to get the attention of a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

To grow, you need to share your expertise and build a great reputation with current and potential clients. Information is the new currency in business. Before customers trust you, they want to be reassured that you know what you are on about. That’s where content marketing and blog writing makes a difference and is the ideal strategy.

Finally, your customers are all on social media. Is your business there? Trying to be active on social media while running your business can be like trying to catch custard with a fishing net. We take the hassle out of social media and help your business to look great on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Find out how we can help your small business with the right words, content and strategy.

What our clients say …

Ingrid is the pre-eminent copywriter specialising in SME’s in Brisbane, she is innovative, quirky, and above all ethical. Ingrid’s insight and creative thinking has been the driving force behind my business strategy with social media and online marketing.

I have seen my sales from the online sector grow steadily and sustainably in line with the campaign mapped out and managed by Ingrid. Ingrid is also a valuable resource to discuss a whole range of business and promotional topics within my business and I have benefited greatly from my association with her.

Ingrid’s involvement in our business has paid off exponentially! Ethical, competent, effective…. is how I would describe her.

Chris Lehmann

Tradesmen on Time

Ingrid's level of professionalism really impressed me, and the willingness to discuss every aspect of my business even before I engaged her service. Heart Harmony Communications delivers great value for money when compared with competitors.

I would recommend Heart Harmony Communications in a heartbeat! I was very happy with my experience and I certainly wouldn’t bother calling anybody else should I need these services in the future. The open and friendly discussion with Ingrid was very worthwhile and the work carried out to achieve the best result is greatly appreciated.

Adam Bryan

Bayside Mobile Windscreens and Batteries

50 Ways to Market Your Business For Less than $50


50 Ways to Market Your Business For Less Than $50


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