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Our Content Marketing Services

Old school marketing is dead. Consumers can spot an ad at a thousand paces … through dense fog … while wearing dark sunglasses.

With the advent of services such as Siri, people now use the web to find answers to their questions rather than simply watching cat videos on repeat. This is where content marketing steps into the picture.

Content marketing is the art of communicating without selling. It is where you create, curate and share valuable and relevant information as a way of attracting and retaining clients. And the best bit – small businesses can excel at it!

But how do you come up with content when you are not great at writing, don’t have a marketing team behind you and are flat to the boards simply running your business?

Content Marketing Made Easy

That’s where our content marketing packages help. We create the content for you. We can even find the images and upload the lot into your WordPress site and email program for you to save you even more time.

We have written thousands of blog posts, articles and ebooks for our clients over the years – everything from the dangers of double-adapter electric plugs to how to remove possums from your roof through.

Either simply tell us the topic and we will research the information from scratch, or we can interview you to tap your into wisdom and experience. The end result will be thorough, interesting and very clickable.

Blog Writing Services

Google & clients love fresh blogs for breakfast!

Our blog copywriters can help you work out the type of blog posts that will work for your demographic market, as well as help you plan an ongoing content creation calendar to keep your blog posting fresh and current.

We are experienced blog post copywriters that can write blog posts ranging from short and sweet to deep and considered.

If you are trying to get better rankings on Google, then long is the only game in town. These in-depth posts need solid expert level content, made readable by great layout and imagery.

We can also help you refine or create your guest blog posts so that you build your following beyond your immediate tribe.

When you are looking for fresh blog content that has a unique point of view, boosts your credibility and is deliciously shareable, then give us a call.

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Ezines and Newsletters

Stay top of mind with your clients.

Consistent contact with your clients is a great way to build a loyal following and keep clients coming back through your doors.

Ezine content writing is a delicate balancing act. Post too often and people will leave in droves. Post too few and people won’t remember who you are or why you are writing to them.

Too much sales content and people will unsubscribe. Too much content and you won’t get the sales.

Our team of ezine copywriters write tailor-made newsletters for our clients – all designed with the perfect blend of content and sales.

Think of it as having your own personal journalist on staff – creating your own newspaper about you each week, month or quarter.

If you want a regular email newsletter for your clients or staff – give us a call.

eBooks and White Papers

The effective lead generator that works 24/7.

Giving away highly targeted and useful content in the form of an eBook or White Paper in exchange for an email is a practical, ongoing lead generator for your business.

We can help you work out what sort of eBook or White Paper will resonate most with your audience, determine what needs to be included and craft solid content. We can also work with your graphic designer to embed elements such as social sharing into your eBook to increase the reach.

Need help working out landing pages, pop ups or emails to entice people to sign up for your eBook, or how to integrate it with your website and email program. We can also help there.

When you need help creating an eBook for your business, let’s talk!

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Effective Content Marketing:

Produces high quality content

Answers questions your customers are looking for

Is leveraged & promoted

Delivers long term results

Content Marketing Packages

Each content marketing package we create is tailored to your needs. You can mix and match to create the perfect blend for your business.

Want just one blog post a month? Sure. How about a post plus a little bit of social media management. No worries!

What you package is up to you.

Here is just one option – one idea. Talk with us about other options.

Blog Post Writing Packages


$225 + GST
  • Unique, well researched blog post approximately 400-500 words

Basic Plus

$255 + GST
  • Unique, well researched blog post approximately 500-700 words
  • Unique header image to illustrate the blog post


$310 + GST
  • Unique, well researched blog post approximately 500-700 words
  • Unique header image to illustrate the blog post
  • Uploaded & formatted on WordPress
  • Uploaded & sent out in a newsletter

Like to know more? Call us to explore content marketing for your small business.

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