Transparency Day: The Results of My Facebook Live Experiment

22 Apr 2020

Right now every business is experimenting with new ways of doing things. We are all back in start-up mode.

In this chat I discuss my 14 Facebook Live video morning huddles and share the results on my business, the process I followed to do them (I always love learning from other’s workflows) and then share my what next.

Today is Transparency Day. Today I am going to share the results from my 14 Facebook Live video morning huddle experiment: To share the results on my business, the process I followed to do them (I always love learning from other’s workflows) and then share my what next.

Why? We only see the glossy end results of other people’s experiments, so given that right now everyone’s business is back to experiment and start-up mode, I thought I would share my data.

But first, what were my goals for the experiment? I saw that people were struggling to deal with overwhelming feelings and confusion as a result of the Coronavirus – and I wanted to help.

My goals for you, the viewer were to feel less overwhelmed, alone and broken. I want to help you have language and models to explain what you and others around you were feeling, and I wanted you to find a spark of hope and OKness in the midst of chaos.

My goals for me were to see if I could talk off-the-cuff each day – sharing useful content from my kit bag that may make a difference. I also wanted to build a community or tribe that I could connect with.

I also wanted to be more visible and share more of me – my skills and my personality, and to take the mickey out of people wanting to be too serious and professional at this time by poking fun at myself through my zany hats.

My goals for my business were to build my reach, increase followers and subscribers and get new coaching and website clients.

Let’s talk Workflow

My workflow is to start with a photo that I use to create a blog header in Canva, and then I share that photo to Instagram and Facebook.

I then record the videos on Facebook using my iPhone, a tripod and my Rode Lavalier Go microphone. Once done, I download the video from Facebook and then upload it to my YouTube channel.

I then have the video transcribed from YouTube using Temi AI transcription and edit the text for clarity and flow (which takes way more time than you realise).

I then embed the YouTube video and transcription into a blog post and then link it to other relevant posts on my site for SEO interlinks.

Why transcribe the content and not just embed it? Fresh words are always good for Google, and some people prefer to read rather than watch.

I then share that blog post to Google My Business from my blog using a plugin.

I then link to the blog post URL from my YouTube video transcription and Facebook by editing the video text.

I finally create a post on LinkedIn. Initially, I uploaded the native video, but you can only upload 10 min videos, so eventually just went to sharing the YouTube link.

So, one piece of content – went to Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google My Business, and then I shared it with my email list each week.

This took 4-5 hours each day, so it is a big time commitment for something that apparently only takes less than 15 minutes to do.

Why did I do it that way?

  • Maximise content – do it once and repurpose it
  • SEO links back to my website
  • Get to people wherever they are in the format they want to consume.


Over the past three weeks, I have put together 14 morning huddles. My most popular topics were the Conspiracy Theories, Starting Over After a Crash and Not Everyone Will Have a Creative Burst During the Pandemic.

These were not the ones that I would have guessed would have been the ones that made the most difference. I personally liked the Be a Beacon one best – my first one.

Facebook – On average, between 11-39 people watched my videos each day. Most would watch for less than a minute to see what hat I was wearing and then click away.

Blog – About the same number watched the videos on my blog as on Facebook.

YouTube – 1-11 views per video (mainly the bots they use to check if your content is dodgy).

LinkedIn – 43-233 views per video. This was a surprise result for me. A word if you want to test this yourself – the natively uploaded videos had more views than YouTube linked videos.

Did I meet my business goals?

Did my subscribers/followers increase in my emails or social media – No. One or two new people joined and one or two left, so overall, the gain was neutral on all of my pages.

Did I get radically more engagement with my information? No again. This is something I struggle with as a raving introvert with Aspergers who has a strong ethical marketing bent.

I don’t play the comments ladder game where you get a posse of people in a particular mentoring group to leap in and comment on each other’s stuff to give the illusion of great information and engagement. I know it works as a psych manipulation strategy, but I am uncomfortable with it.

Did I start to build a tribe? No.

Has there been an increase in coaching bookings or website bookings? No again. There were zero new coaching bookings or new website enquiries from the videos.

What has been the general feedback from viewers?

My fabulous cheer squad friends have made lovely comments about my hats each morning. Thank you!  

I have also had a few lovely comments from people like Bonnie, that I was her voice of inspiration each morning, so it was nice to be able to make a difference and meet my goals for you the viewer.

However, I was also told I was ruining my brand with the hats, and that I appeared that I was “batshit crazy. ” Also, that I should stick to writing as I am brilliant at it and not so much with my talking – so, there’s an interesting balance of views about it all.

Did I meet my goals for me?

I proved to myself I can still talk off the cuff, and I was certainly more visible. I didn’t hit my goals of building community and tribe.

So overall, for the extended time commitment doing the videos takes each day, the numbers are telling me that right now doing a regular live session in this form is not adding value to people and is simply adding to the noise.

Today will be my last live in this format while I regroup and work out the next business thing to explore to see how I can best add value to you right now.

Thanks for being part of my mornings these past few weeks. I hope I have made you smile a few times, and helped you get a better understanding of you and the people around you during these tricky times.

Hopefully, I made a tiny bit of difference.

Stay safe!

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Ingrid Moyle

Ingrid Moyle (BA - Psych/Industrial Relations) is the Chief Web Wizard at Heart Harmony Communications. A self-confessed multipotentialite, Ingrid shamelessly blends her passions of human resources, psychology, web design and copywriting. When not hardwired to her computer, she quests for the perfect coffee while chasing virtual reality creatures across the backstreets of Brisbane.
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