When we talk about Social Media, Facebook is the behemoth that automatically springs to mind.  Facebook is big. Really big. Humongously big.

How big? The population of Facebook is over 44 times the entire population of Australia. And therein lies the problem. Most stats about Facebook are designed for USA based businesses.

I have gathered the best of relevant stats for Australian small businesses and put them into one infographic to help give useful information to small businesses.

Australian Facebook Statistics

What do these statistics mean?

In a nutshell, when you are thinking of putting up anything on Facebook, you are more than likely writing to a woman who is sitting in her lounge room and checking her Facebook either when she has first woken up, or is relaxing after work, while she is multi-tasking watching TV.

The reason she is on Facebook is to catch up with her friends and family. She really isn’t all that interested in businesses … unless those businesses are offering her discounts, giveaways or coupons.

Got that?

She is looking to connect, be inspired or to get a laugh. This is the home of cat videos. Blend in! Don’t be overly promotional. Her likelihood to engage at that time of the morning in a blatant promotion for plastic extrusion moulding is pretty darn low.

A few extra statistics

Some extra statistics that didn’t make it onto the chart.

  • Only 31% of Australian small businesses are on social media compared to 55% of large businesses.
  • Social media is updated daily by 35% of small businesses on social media and 56% of big business. It is updated once a week by 29% of small businesses and only 13% of big businesses. (Read this if you are looking for a super easy Facebook Content Plan to help you create daily content.)
  • The main person responsible for social media in small business is the business owner (76%) with only 5% outsourcing it to a social media firm.
  • While most people are looking for coupons and discounts from businesses, only 25% of small businesses on Facebook offer them.
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Social Media is Correlated With Small Business Confidence

This one is my absolute favourite statistic for small business.

SMEs confidence about their business prospects for the year

  • 54% with an active social media presence were confident about 2015-2016
  • 47% with no social media presence were confident about 2015-2016

In other words, if you are a small business and active on social media, you are ahead of 69% of all other small businesses. You are also more likely to feel confident about your business prospects. Not a bad deal really!


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