A Super Easy Facebook Content Plan

Facebook content plan

Struggling to create a month’s worth of Facebook content? Check out this super easy content plan that has been designed for small businesses.

Most small business owners open their computer each day, stare at the blank screen and search for inspiration for their online marketing before getting distracted with cat videos and Candy Crush invitations. I have to tell you “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

If you want to get on top of Facebook content marketing, the trick is to create your core content in batches a month at a time. That way you can create targeted content more efficiently with less distractions. You can also smugly get on with your day job while your content plan launches itself out at the appropriate times.

You can then happily spend 5 minutes a day on Facebook sharing great content from other people to fill in the gaps.

So how do you batch your Facebook content calendar?

To batch your content, you start by working out the ingredients you need for the month.

Pull out a calendar for the coming month. Count up how many of each of the days of the week are in the particular month.

So August has 5 Mondays, 4 Tuesdays, 4 Wed, 4 Thu & 4 Fridays.

Now comes the magic …

Step 1: Celebrations & Holidays

Step 1 Holidays

First look at any upcoming events, charity days or holidays for the month. Check out https://info.australia.gov.au/about-australia/special-dates-and-events as that has the list of all main events in Australia. (For the USA go to https://www.daysoftheyear.com/)

For August in Brisbane Australia we have the Ekka, Tradies Health Month, Jeans for Genes, Qld Seniors week, cupcake day for the RSPCA and a whole host of other things great charities and events to celebrate.

Find one or more charities that you want to want to support and write them into your calendar, and remember to reduce the number of things you need to find for that day of the week. By that I mean, if there are 5 Mondays, and you are going to celebrate cupcake day for the RSPCA on the 17th of August, you only need 4 more somethings for Mondays in August.

Read more about tapping into Australian Celebration Days.

Step 2: Plan Your Blog

Step 2 Blog Schedule

Next, work out when you are going to blog and cross that day off your calendar as you will share your blog update on your Facebook page. For example, you may choose to blog once a month on a Tuesday, so that means you only need 3 Tuesday somethings other than your blog post.

Step 3: Sort Your Hashtags

Step 3 Hashtags

Facebook adores hashtags, and over time people use certain hashtags on certain days of the week, sort of like themes.

Monday’s hashtags are #MondayMotivation and #marketingmonday. Motivational quotes are some of the most shared and engaged with pieces of content, so if your client base is one that can get away with a quote, then head in that direction.

A quick tip on motivational quotes.

With motivational quotes, don’t simply share someone else’s as that won’t get the same results – create your own with your own logo on the image just so that when your content travels, your brand travels with it.

There are two brilliant ways to find quotes and designs as inspiration – Google & Pinterest. You want to share the quotes that people have already responded to – in other words the most popular ones. If they are popular with other people, chances are they will be popular with your fans.

On Google

Type in “Motivational Quotes.” Then click “Images.” In general, the higher up page, the more popular they are. Do NOT take and use any images from Google Images. Use the images only for inspiration for your own quotes and designs.

On Pinterest

Type in Motivational Quotes and look at the numbers of repins. Once again, use them as inspiration for your own quotes.

One way to organise these is to create a private board and pin the ones you like as you go along in your day to day pinning into the board.

Remember to always list the author of the quote where you can (I usually Google the quote to see if I can track down the true author of each quote), and never steal images.

A simple free tool to create your Monday Motivation quotes is CanvaAffiliate link: Which means if you purchase anything I will receive a small commission. Thanks for your support.. Canva is graphic design for the design challenged. There are loads of free options in Canva, or you can buy an image for $1 if you want a particular stock photo they have in their library.

That’s the Mondays sorted. Now for the rest of the week.

My personal favourite hastags are #tiptuesday, #wisdomwednesday (if you want more in the way of motivation), or #humpday for funny things to get people over the mid-week slump.

#Throwbackthursday is perfect for photos from the past. These can be old photos of you, your old logos, old product photos. It can also be old photos of your suburb, old ads – it is up to you.

#Fridayfunny is a great one to share things that make people smile. One of my clients is a tradie and his dad jokes every Friday get great engagement on his page. You can also try #fridayreads for good book referrals or #followfriday.

Can you see how knowing the hashtags of the week may be useful?

Days of the week hashtags

Step 4: Fill in the Blanks – Life’s Not All Hashtags

4 Fill in Blanks

Going back to your Facebook content calendar, you may decide that you will go with #motivationmonday, #tipstuesday and #Fridayfunny, but don’t want to do hashtags for other days of the week.

In those cases, pick a “thing” that you will post every Wednesday or Thursday.

So for one of my clients, Wednesdays are where they share their latest testimonials or an interesting article they have read and Thursdays are where they share some form of FAQ or promotion about their business.

Step 5: Put Your Ingredient List Together

Step 5 Ingredients List

This is where you put your list together into a shopping list. For August you now have.

  • 1 something about the RPSCA cupcake day – 17th August
  • 1 blog post on a Tuesday
  • 4 motivational posts
  • 3 tips
  • 4 testimonials/interesting articles
  • 4 FAQs/promotions
  • 4 jokes/funny things

Pretty much the only thing that requires any form of writing more than three sentences is your blog post, and yet you will have a whole month of content on your Facebook page.

The rest of the time you are repurposing things from your past blog posts or your website or doing minor research that won’t take a lot of time.

Ingredients List Example

How does that feel? A manageable Facebook Content Plan?

So rather than being faced with an entire month of empty spaces, you only need to find four motivational quotes and schedule them on your page to go out each Monday. Tick.

You then have to find three tips about your business or service, and then schedule them. Tick.

You have to get four testimonials or find four articles your clients may be interested in reading, and then schedule them. Tick

You have to jot answers to four FAQs or write a three sentence promo for a product or service, then schedule them. Tick

You have to find four jokes or funny videos, then schedule them. Tick

You have to write one blog post, then schedule it. Tick.

And … you have to eat one cupcake for charity (and possibly go viral on Facebook with!) Tick. Yum!

caution signOne word of caution!

Scheduled does not mean forgotten! Remember to glance at each day’s schedule to make sure that it does not conflict with anything happening in the world, and pull or reschedule content that may be seen as bad taste.

Also remember to pop into your page and interact with people gracious enough to engage with your content. After all – that’s why you are doing it in the first place. To create a relationship and open the doors for discussion.

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