Fabulous Facebook Content Ideas with Celebration Days

Facebook celebration days

Find a never ending stream of great Facebook content through celebration days and events. Here’s how to find Australian Celebration days.

Keeping your Facebook business page updated with content that your fans enjoy and engage with can be more challenging than wrestling a toddler into clothes after a bath

You may have Christmas and Mother’s Day sorted, but after that, your well of marketing inspiration is dryer than the Birdsville hotel the day after the races.

Here’s a quick tip: Piggyback on national or international celebrations, events, or holidays. These quirky or lesser-known celebrations helps your business cut through all the boring “buy me” promotions.

If you add in the brilliant charity fund-raising events such as loud shirt day and superhero day, you can raise some funds for charity, while having fun, while also promoting your business. Win all round!


Events and Facebook Page Content Ideas are a match made in heaven

Clients love to see photos of your team having fun and enjoying their job.

Think of how cool it would be to share photos of your staff facing off against each other with lightsabers for Star Wars Day (May the 4th) and as a bonus you raise morale and have a bit of team building? By planning ahead, you get all the wins without hassle.


But how do you find the ONE BIG EVENTS LIST?

While it is easy to find random events in the USA to celebrate (I am looking at you Chicken Dance day – 14th May), it is much harder to find a consolidated list for Australia.

Unfortunately, there is no one big list for Australian funny celebration days. However, there are a number of sites that have a part of the puzzle, including some of the US sites where you have to do a little bit of digging and Googling to check if the celebrations apply to Australia.


Best sites to explore to find holidays/events/funny celebrations for Australia






Using events/celebrations in your business

My clients know that I am big on systematising tasks so that you do a number of tasks in a row to save time and effort. If you apply this thinking to your Facebook page and celebrations, it will pay massive dividends in terms of time and reduced ripping out of your hair trying to work out what to post this month.

Step 1:

Locate a monthly desk planner for the rest of this year. Grab a pencil and write in each month the charity events and funny celebrations you want to celebrate, and the day they fall on.

Choose charities that you have some affinity with in terms of cause, and days or celebrations that are a reflection of your brand or your values. For example, Geek Pride day is important to my business, but less relevant to my service business clients.

Step 2:

Jot down a note of how you intent to celebrate the day: photos of your team, or images and quotes.

Step 3:

If it is a charity event, contact the relevant charity to list your business and get a participation kit sent out to you so you have it ready on hand. Contact all the charities that you will support at one time to save trying to remember to do it later on.

Step 4:

At the beginning of each month, disappear for a few hours with a great coffee (cough … red wine) and create all the promotional pieces, images, and emails for your office about upcoming social/charity events for the month.

The simplest way to create an image with a comment/quote that is ideal for any social media is by using my favourite graphic addiction – CanvaAffiliate link: Which means if you purchase anything I will receive a small commission. Thanks for your support.. (Try it – it’s free! My Social Media Fundamentals group program took to it like ducks to water and created their first professional looking quotes in less than 20 minutes.)

Star Wars Day


Step 5:

Where you can, pre-load your content into your Facebook business page, and schedule each piece to be posted to your page on the appropriate day. (The little white arrow just to the right of the word “post” in your Facebook status section will show you the schedule button).

By doing it all at once, you can sit back and relax as the month progresses, knowing that you have much of your social media AND team building sorted. Now that is a win-win!

Create a Super Easy Facebook Content Plan

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