Productivity Hack: Organise Your Computer Desktop With A Simple Image (Free Downloads!)

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6 Oct 2016

Is your computer desktop littered with random files & images? Check out this super simple productivity hack with these free computer desktop background images.

When I am working on multiple projects at once, my computer desktop is regularly  messier than a preschooler’s toy collection.

My desktop becomes a dumping ground for snippets of research, screenshots, ideas for new blog posts, things I want to read and essential programs. Unfortunately, it means that things can get easily lost in the jumble of folders, icons, and images.

I mean well by popping them on the desktop, but clutter can cramp creativity and productivity faster than the words “pupil free day.”

Here’s a super simple productivity hack. Change your screen background for one of these cool pre-prepared images I prepared in Canva.

Simply drag your digital bits and pieces into the relevant spaces and your digital clutter will be instantly organised.


Computer desktop before


Computer desktop after

Taming your digital clutter is an easy two step process

  1. Work out the size of your computer screen.
  2. Set the relevant picture as your desktop image.

Working out the size picture you need (Windows 10)

There are a raft of different computer screen dimensions. For the best results, you need to upload the image closest to your computer screen size.

  1. Right click on your current background and select display settings.
  2. Click on the advanced display settings text.
  3. Copy down the numbers in the resolution section – that’s the size image you ideally need to upload.

How to change your desktop background in Windows 10

  1. Right click on your current background and select personalise.
  2. Select Picture.
  3. Browse to the picture you would like to use as your new background.
  4. Choose it to fill the screen.
  5. Be all smug and virtuous that you are super organised and clutter free.

Bonus Tip – Add in scrolling backgrounds

If you prefer scrolling backgrounds, you can download all of the images and set them to scroll through. Because the design is similar, you get the benefits of organisation with the added bonus of change.

  1. Create a new folder somewhere in your computer (I use my photos folder).
  2. Download all the images you like into that folder.
  3. Right click on your current background and select personalise.
  4. Select Slideshow.
  5. Browse to the folder where you saved your images.
  6. Set to change every 10 minutes.
  7. Choose it to fill the screen.


If your desktop icons remain stuck in place and won’t be dragged into place, you probably have auto-arrange ticked.

  1. Right click on your current background and select View.
  2. Uncheck the Auto Arrange Icons. You should be able to move the icons to where you want them to be.

Free desktop organiser backgrounds

To make things easier, here are seven organiser backgrounds I have prepared for you.

Click on the relevant size you need beneath the image to open a copy of the high-resolution image. Right click on the image, and choose “Save Image As” and save the image to your computer.

I have created these images in the three most common computer screen sizes so you should find one to suit your needs.




Organiser Background 1

desktop organisation background 1

1920×1080   |  1366×768  |  1024×768

Organiser Background 2

desktop organisation background 2

1920×1080   |  1366×768  |  1024×768

Organiser Background 3

desktop organisation background 3

1920×1080   |  1366×768  |  1024×768

Organiser Background 4

desktop organisation background 4

1920×1080   |  1366×768  |  1024×768

Organiser Background 5

desktop organisation background 5

1920×1080   |  1366×768  |  1024×768

Organiser Background 6

desktop organisation background 6

1920×1080   |  1366×768  |  1024×768

Organiser Background 7

desktop organisation background 7

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