The cPanel Earthquake Shaking Web Hosting

Competition is a good thing in business – it keeps prices keen and customer service front and centre of mind. Where there is a lack of competition, companies begin to ride roughshod across their customer base and bump prices in search of the almighty buck. In the...

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Perfectionism: You Can’t Edit a Blank Page

Have you ever considered the penetratingly painful cost of perfectionism? Perfectionism runs strong in my veins. How strong? Picture a tall, pimply Year 12 girl, outfitted in her school dress uniform complete with a blazer, thick beige tights and fiercely polished...

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How to Tell If Your Website Has Been Hacked

This post first appeared on Flying Solo. “I’m sorry to inform you that your website has been hacked.” These are some of the hardest words that any business owner ever wants to hear (right up there with, “I am not paying your bill.”) Your business website is your...

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What MCs and Your Website Home Page Have in Common

I looked out over a sea of business-suited executives crammed into an over-heated conference hall. I was the last speaker before lunch, and thoughts of sandwiches and coffee were front-of-mind for most of them. “Our next speaker needs no introduction – Ingrid...

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What MCs and Home Pages Have in Common

The Day When 80% Of My Clients Were Hacked

Building and hosting websites is an industry based on trust. You need to trust that the domain name registrar is decent and has fast systems. You have to trust that your web copywriter and web designer know what they are doing. You have to trust that your web host...

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The day my clients were hacked
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How to Get (and Give) Amazing Testimonials


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