Is Marketing Just Propaganda Rebadged?

Running an ethical, values-based copywriting business can be challenging. You want to do the right thing by yourself, your team members and your community … but sometimes the ethical boundaries can become a tad blurry.

For example, at what point does marketing cross the line over into unethical influencing? At what point does marketing become propaganda?

Is marketing propaganda

Facebook Content Marketing in 5 Minutes a Day

I get it. You are busy trying to deliver your key services for your business and the last thing on your mind is "doing" Facebook for your business on top of everything else. It always seems so complicated and time consuming!

What if I told you that you only need a maximum of 5 minutes a day to get your Facebook content sorted? Of course, like everything in marketing if you spend heaps more time and money you will get better results. However, this strategy is sort of like the "4 Ingredients" version of Facebook content marketing. It isn't fancy - but it gets the job done.

Facebook in 5 minutes a day

What Customer Experience Teams Can Learn from Google

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Customer Experience industries have been developing in parallel silos over the past decade.

The early days of SEO were all about following scripts to game the search engine system to make Google think the website was more important than it probably was. The early days of customer experience were all about creating customer service scripts and recipes to game the sales process to make customers think the service was better than it probably was.

Customer experience teams

Secrets Your Website Reveals About Your Company Culture

If you want to know the corporate culture of a company or business, simply take a look at their website (… even if a fabulous copywriter has written it).

Corporate Culture is basically how we do things around here (which is totally separate to what services we provide).

If a company’s culture is one of a ruthless robber baron, you can pretty much guarantee you will find clues in their website. If a company’s culture is warm, fuzzy and as disorganised as the second drawer in your kitchen – their website will scream it from the roof-tops.

Website secrets about company culture

Reflections on Over a Decade in Business

As we reflected on to our 12 year's in business, we have been looking back over our client files. All we can say is “WOW!” We knew we had worked with a huge variety of businesses over that time – we just hadn’t realised how diverse they really were.

I thought I would share just a glimpse into our copywriting client files – so you get just a taste of the life of a copywriter and the copywriting services we offer.

a decade in business