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Small Business Marketing Training

Many of our small business clients want to learn to DIY with their marketing. We offer personalised small group classes where you get to build an effective online presence for your business as you go through the course.

Many of our clients told us in the past they had to go to Expert A for one course, then Expert B for another. The problem was that many courses assumed knowledge that our clients didn’t have, or were too theoretical. Many of our clients left courses more confused than when they started.

That’s why we went back to basics; stripped out all the hype and made things ultra-practical and hands on.

Our courses are hands-on, learn by doing courses with detailed workbooks to take away to help remind you of what to do at each step.


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Very good course. Lots of Interesting information. Well planned. 10/10

Bonnie Cunial

Fabulous Physical Fun

Stacks of new ideas that I was able to implement straight away. Very detailed and well-written course notes. The best part was being able to complete tasks during the course! Ingrid explains the content very well. Highly recommend this course to others eager to learn more about social media. I feel more at ease using Facebook for marketing

Romy Thomson

Terrific course. Very structured and personalised. The best parts were the handouts that I was able to refer back to at work.

Bruce Kimball

Bruce Kimball Migration Services

I signed up for the social media images course because I needed to get my social media organized. I was a bit concerned that I would not have the time needed in my business to implement the learnings, but what I found was that it was easier than it sounds. The course was excellent, interesting and relevant. I would give it a 10/10.

Mark Reardon

Critical Care Pest Management

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