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Ingrid was an incredibly engaging and entertaining speaker – I actually would vote her presentation the best of the conference to be honest. Her storytelling was fantastic and the content she provided (again, another long to-do-list was formed for me from her presentation) was priceless for anyone that has a WordPress website. Absolutely loved Ingrid’s presentation – so many takeaways!


Encore Admin Consulting

Your talk (and warnings) were amazing. Made me want to reach for my blankey and pull the covers up over my head! You handled it all so well!


Ingrid’s presentation blew me away. Her talk was not only astounding in terms of content, but beautifully presented. The visual representations were brilliant.

Rhonda Valentine Dixon

It was a great talk and very well presented.


She was so good, one of my standouts from WordCamp


I just watched Ingrid Moyle’s Brisbane Wordcamp Track talk. It’s a great talk, made me think about how I do things.

Lisa J Hewitt

LJH Website Design

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Ingrid Moyle is a highly engaging, content-rich and thought-provoking speaker, MC and facilitator. She regularly presents to Chambers of Commerce and business networking groups on the most important elements, trends and strategies involved in using the power of words to grow their business.

Website Unmentionables

You have a fabulous new website for your small business: One that has taken blood, sweat, tears and a bucket of money to produce. What could possibly go wrong now?

In this romp through the back-end of the interwebs, we will be covering a stack of website unmentionables. You will leave this session with a heap of instantly applicable strategies to keep your website safe, secure and in your control.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Essential jargon: What is WordPress, a theme or a plugin and why does it matter?
  • How to check if you own your own domain name or if your web designer does.
  • Why websites need the same maintenance as your hair.
  • What you should delete from your website this minute for greater security.
  • What a child’s lockable diary and your username have in common.
  • The one plugin that is the canary in the mine that tells you that your website probably hasn’t been set up correctly.
  • Why letting a domain name lapse is an open invitation to identify theft.
  • Packrat problems – why collecting domain names costing you time and money.
  • If emails matter to your business, there is one thing you should NEVER do with your web hosting.
  • Why you should never rely on your hosting to backup your website for you.
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testimonials keynote icon

Testimonials Made Easy – The Ultimate in Free Marketing

Testimonials are some of the most powerfully persuasive tools on the planet, yet many business owners struggle with finding the right way to ask for them from their clients.

In this session you’ll:

  • Understand the psychology behind testimonials and why they are so persuasive to buying behaviour.
  • Discover the secret questions to ask to gain the most powerful testimonials.
  • Explore the critical rules for every testimonial – break even one of these rules and you could end up in hot water.
  • Walk away with 7 simple techniques – all designed to make testimonial gathering a breeze.
  • Find out what to do when the client won’t give you a testimonial for a killer project you have completed.

Website Tips & Tricks to Engage Clients & Increase Sales

The one skill you need above all others in business is the ability persuade people to buy your goods or services. But how do you do that in a way that doesn’t make you feel sleazy or want to offer a set of steak knives with your services?

At this event, you will discover strategies to engage clients and increase sales. Digital Marketer and Chief Word Wizard Ingrid Moyle, will share practical tips on how to boost conversions on your website, as well as explore some of the latest neuromarketing research that sheds light on what makes people buy. And the best bit … these tips are simple, easy to apply and can be put in place in your business today!

What You’ll Discover:

  • The 5 key questions everyone asks about your business before they even contact you (and how to know if you are turning people away before you have even spoken with them).
  • Why Google’s searches are similar sending a vision impaired person out to shop for trousers for you.
  • Tips to find if your content is fresh or on the nose.
  • Strategies to build trust & remove risk.
  • The most common mistake most people make on their websites.
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More Rave Reviews

As a presenter, Ingrid Moyle is both engaging and entertaining, and is clearly focused on making her material incredibly relevant to her target audience. Sharing her corporate experience and exceptional knowledge base is one thing – but hearing her own personal tragedies and triumphs intertwined with her small business struggles and successes was nothing short of inspiring. The perfect combination of “real, raw and honest.” Alli Grant

Two Flawed Girls

Thank you once again for presenting to our Chamber. Your presentation was very well received by our Chamber members and guests and was delivered with a most entertaining and humble approach, that only adds to your appeal and the authenticity of your message. Melinda Pugh

Wynnum Chamber of Commerce

Very entertaining and informative. Your presentation was one of the most engaging ones all weekend. Highly enjoyed it!

Madonna Dunn

Bold Badger Design

Thank you so much for being a part of [email protected] Business Writing Week. It was a great presentation. You had the best turnout for the week, and you really set the tone for what was a successful week. Tom Treby


Ingrid’s keynote presentation on “Copywriting Skills for Your Success” was a must for business owners – it was clear, concise and fabulous. She easily and innovatively joined all the dots and crossed all the t’s so that presentations over the whole weekend came together. Ingrid’s lovely style of speaking and her humour ensured that everyone felt comfortable and engaged. She made the subject of copywriting appear easy and at the same time conveyed the importance of good copy for business both online and offline. Marney Perna


I had the opportunity to hear Ingrid Moyle speak last week and whilst I listen to many speakers, I must say Ingrid impressed me with her experience and her ability to share her expertise. Her knowledge of websites and how to improve the quality and effectiveness of your content is clearly evident when listening to her. If you are seeking the right words to attract and engage your audience on your website, then be sure to contact Ingrid, to weave her words of magic with great copy. Thank you Ingrid for your very timely words of wisdom – very much appreciated. Donna Stone

Stone Consulting

Ingrid’s insights into understanding people, gave the young pharmacists of ACPPM a wealth of understanding and also new avenues for personal reflection. Ingrid’s most important lessons focussed upon “how” to manage the desires and thinking of different generations and the most effective ways of motivating staff. Aaron D'Souza

Young Pharmacists’ Group Australia

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